How do you pronounce Imago Dei?
We’ve been called lots of things over the years, Amigo Day, Imagio dei, ameygoh(seriously) deyahy, probably our personal favorite was “Image Deli”. Imago Dei is (properly) pronounced: eh-mah-goh day.

What does Imago Dei mean?
Translated from Latin, Imago Dei means “Image of God”, which is most commonly used in the context: “created in the image of God”. It goes back to a historic judeo-christian belief that all men and women are created in the image of a creator and as such have an infinitely deep well of creativity to draw from.

What products and services does Imago Dei offer?
Imago Dei offers a wide range of decorative finishes. We have hundreds of samples you can choose from, or we will create a custom sample just for you! In addition to walls and ceilings, we also provide speciality finishes for furniture and cabinetry. We also have original fine art for sale in our gallery and we accept private commissions. Our custom murals are also usually painted on canvas, making them archival and a great investment! We can also create custom murals on tile or stone for back splashes and outdoor use. For hospitality projects we offer custom designed wallpaper murals at an affordable price point. We have recently added fine art giclee prints to our line of products as well as custom stencils. If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality!

Does Imago Dei work only with designers?
While Imago Dei loves working with interior designers, builders and architects, we also work directly with clients. Imago Dei’s projects include Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, and Public Art. Many projects involve working with clients and their designers and builders. If you are not working with an interior designer, we would be happy to refer you. We can also help you with color consultation and design direction if you choose not to work with a designer.

How much do decorative finishes cost?
Costs for decorative finishes can vary greatly, depending on many factors. The cost of the special materials needed, the degree of difficulty of the labor, the need for scaffolding, the scope of the work and the location of the home are all factors that effect pricing. Imago Dei will provide a detailed Proposal with pricing before you commit to a project. Our pricing is competitive and our quality is unsurpassed.

What is the process to commission a mural?
The process begins with a design consultation. During the consultation, we will gather information that will help us to prepare a Proposal including pricing for the size and type of mural you desire. Once you decide to move forward, we require a deposit to begin your original design work. Designs are sketched and created digitally for your approval before painting begins. The mural is painted in our studio, so you are not inconvenience by this part of the process. When the mural is complete, we can also provide professional installation at your home or business location.

If I decide to move, can my mural be relocated?
One of the advantages to our method of painting murals on canvas as fine art, is that they can be removed and reapplied to a new location if desired. In most cases, they can also be stretched and framed as a painting.

What should I expect while the artists are working in my home?
Our team at Imago Dei is composed of formally trained artists and artisans. First and foremost, we are professionals. Our team will arrive at a predetermined time each day and work efficiently and quietly throughout the day. They are polite and respectful of your home and family, cleaning up after themselves each day, leaving your home as they found it. They are very knowledgeable about their work and are happy for you to watch and ask questions.

What if I decide to make changes to the finished product?
Much care is taken to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way. We will present a custom sample board of your finish for your approval prior to applying the finish to your walls or ceilings. Though finishes are artistic in nature and no two are exactly alike, the finish on your surface will reasonably match your sample board. Any changes necessary to assure your finish looks like the sample board are done at no additional cost to you. If you change your mind after a sample has been approved, we will work with you to create a new finish for an additional charge.

Does Imago Dei only work in new homes or homes under construction?
Imago Dei often works in new construction homes but equally works in existing homes and businesses. You can trust our professional team to work respectfully in your home in either case.

When is the best time to contact Imago Dei if I am building a home?
The earlier in the process the better, however, it’s never too late. We can work in your home even after you have moved in. Planning your special finishes and murals early in the construction phase can often save you time and money. Final color decisions can always be made later in the process.

Why does Imago Dei cost more than my paint contractor or even some other Faux Finish companies?
Why does a Mercedes cost more than a Ford? The answer of course, is quality. Our finishes are created and applied by artists who are trained in color, texture and composition. In addition to our professional team, Imago Dei uses the highest quality products and materials from all over the world. With decades of experience we’ve offer a truly professional craftsman-type approach. In a time where these trades are all but lost its a rare thing to encounter old-world craftsmanship with modern business practices and efficiencies. Our prices are very competitive for similar services in our area, but we are not the cheapest. We are confident that when you compare, you will see the Imago Dei difference.