Imago Dei Rolls Out New Website

Starting January 2018 Imago Dei will be rolling out a new website to better serve our clients and industry partners in the coming year.

The original site was host to over a hundred blog posts covering the work and accolades of Imago Dei during Jeremy and Jaime’s career in Houston. The artist couple decided to sell the company in early 2016 and move to California to continue their artistic endeavors. Todd Schwister took over ownership of the company in early 2016.

The blog posts were a great asset to the Imago Dei website and it will take us some time to migrate those pages back in working order. This change will give us the opportunity to make sure the links and content of our blog will be relevant for our readers moving into the future.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to a great 2018 working with you to create a beautiful Houston.

– Renee