Behind the Scenes: Bayou Bend Mural Replica

Back in October, Imago Dei was commissioned to create a replica of the Bayou Bend dining room in the new construction home of Dr. Gary and Cathy Brock of River Oaks, Houston. Their home, a replica itself of Jeffersonian architecture, and site supervised by a French carpenter, Jean Michael, who is a member of The Compagnons , is a rare beauty of a project and we have felt privileged to take part.  This is a blog post documenting the process.

February: The drywall is finally ready. We can start painting.

The first step is a red base paint under the gold leaf, beautifully painted by Ricardo. Next is the gold leaf, also by Ricardo.

A photo of the finished gold leaf. It almost looked too good to move forward.

In May, glazed the gold leaf and started doing designs of the flowers. This is Michelle painting one of the Peonies. I’m on the scaffold. (Renee)

This was when we went to Bayou Bend to do our artistic research. Special thanks to the docents at Bayou Bend Museum who let us behind the barriers to take close-up photos for our work.

Finally, we started painting the mural in the Brock’s residence. Most of this layout and paint work was completed by Teresa and Martha, in June and July.


And without further ado, here are some of the final photos, taken today.






Stay tuned for the final photos, when the house is finished out coming in the next few months.


– Renee