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a soft mixture of lime with sand or cement and water for spreading on walls, ceilings, or other structures to form a smooth hard surface when dried.


There are many varieties of plaster.  Choosing which is right for a specific application can be a daunting task.
A plaster wall in a home.

What is plaster?

Plaster is the original luxury finish. Plaster is a mixture of elements that once applied and dry, resemble stone or marble. It is an old world technique that has maintained its place in the finest homes in the world for its unparalleled beauty and strength. They pyramids in Egypt contain a type of plaster walls still hard and durable 4000 years later.
Over time, the elements mixed into plaster began to evolve. In Mycenae, plaster of a fine white lime stucco was used, and even today Greece is known for their architecture’s bright whites and deep blue tones. The ceilings of Henry VII’s England still exude the pinnacle of artisan techniques
Plaster as a medium of artistic expression waned by the 19th century, when imitation and mechanical reproduction displaced this creative art. As a surface material for interior walls and ceilings and to a lesser degree for exterior walls, plaster remains in common use. It facilitates cleanliness and sanitation in building and is a retardant to the spread of fire.
Interior plasterwork is designed according to the type of lathing to which it is applied and the number of applications that are necessary. Ornamental plaster for ceilings and cornices is usually applied with a metal molding tool that has the reverse of the desired profile. Some elements may be formed by hand, while others are precast and stuck in place with plaster of paris. Stucco may be applied directly to concrete, brick, tile, or a supporting metal lath base. Various types of finish, including colors and textures, may be incorporated in the finish coat.
You can find information about caring for your Venetian Plaster on our blog, “Caring for your Venetian Plaster” located here.

A modern use of plaster by Imago Dei.

Why Plaster?

Plaster is now easy to source in Traditional mixes as well as Engineered mixes that have many amazing benefits for home owners.

A few of Plaster’s many benefits:

  • Eliminates the need to repaint rooms every year

  • Natural Beauty to which standard paint cannot compare

  • Helps regulate humidity inside homes and can help to prevent the spread of fire

  • Resist mold

  • Resist Dirt and Grime

  • Create a calming environment

  • (Some) are easy to repair and clean

Plaster Services by Imago Dei

Our process is a collaborative one, where we work with you, in your space, to reveal the essence of the perfect wall finish for your home.
As Michelangelo used to say, the sculpture is already in the marble, I just need to get it out. The right wall finish will already be decided by your needs and desires. We are experts at helping you discover your house’s potential to become your home.
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