An announcement from Todd

I purchased Imago Dei from Jeremy in 2016. My vision for this company has been to take what was built by artists and grow it on a lattice of streamlined, integrated service platforms. Although humans are imperfect by nature, we have had many successes. Our branded feature walls at five Amegy Banks locations, our work at Hotel Valencia – River Walk published in Conde Nast Traveler magazine, our stunning recreation of the Ima Hogg Bayou Bend mural, as well as many other projects have demonstrated that our philosophy and strategy translates to many types of products and offerings throughout all of Texas and beyond.

In April of 2018, we discovered an opportunity in Dallas for a neighborhood revitalization project. I wasn’t sure if I should pitch the project idea, but we saw an opportunity to combine the Imago Dei philosophy with our past experience to create something bigger.

Despite my twenty years of experience in construction management, this was something over which I needed to pray. How often are we afraid and lack the confidence to venture out, despite our experience or qualifications?

I discussed it with my team, my family, and God, and I decided to pitch the proposal. The idea presented entailed building three high quality but affordable homes all at once, saving on costs by combining resources and integrating the innovations we have discovered by utilizing Imago Dei finishes.

The proposal to my surprise was accepted, and now Imago Dei is six weeks out from ground-breaking on our first three homebuilding projects. 

These houses will become homes, built by a team of people who, just as in all our other work, strive to honor God and serve him in the quality of our craftsmanship. There will be challenges, there may be a learning curve, but with God’s blessing, we will see it done.

Thank you,

Todd Schwister
President and Builder – Imago Dei

Behind the Scenes: Bayou Bend Mural Replica

Back in October, Imago Dei was commissioned to create a replica of the Bayou Bend dining room in the new construction home of Dr. Gary and Cathy Brock of River Oaks, Houston. Their home, a replica itself of Jeffersonian architecture, and site supervised by a French carpenter, Jean Michael, who is a member of The Compagnons , is a rare beauty of a project and we have felt privileged to take part.  This is a blog post documenting the process.

February: The drywall is finally ready. We can start painting.

The first step is a red base paint under the gold leaf, beautifully painted by Ricardo. Next is the gold leaf, also by Ricardo.

A photo of the finished gold leaf. It almost looked too good to move forward.

In May, glazed the gold leaf and started doing designs of the flowers. This is Michelle painting one of the Peonies. I’m on the scaffold. (Renee)

This was when we went to Bayou Bend to do our artistic research. Special thanks to the docents at Bayou Bend Museum who let us behind the barriers to take close-up photos for our work.

Finally, we started painting the mural in the Brock’s residence. Most of this layout and paint work was completed by Teresa and Martha, in June and July.


And without further ado, here are some of the final photos, taken today.






Stay tuned for the final photos, when the house is finished out coming in the next few months.


– Renee


Venetian Plaster Care Guide

The care of your Venetian Plaster finish is simple and easy. Most spills and stains can be removed by using a damp and soapy rag on the affected area.


For minor scratches or dings, you can apply a small amount of the appropriate plaster to the damaged area. Let this fully dry for 24 hours and then apply a small amount of protective wax over the plaster. Allow the repaired area to fully dry and cure for three days before using a damp rag to clean any stains.


For any questions or needed repairs/touch ups, give us a call at 713.520.5557.

Imago Dei Rolls Out New Website

Starting January 2018 Imago Dei will be rolling out a new website to better serve our clients and industry partners in the coming year.

The original site was host to over a hundred blog posts covering the work and accolades of Imago Dei during Jeremy and Jaime’s career in Houston. The artist couple decided to sell the company in early 2016 and move to California to continue their artistic endeavors. Todd Schwister took over ownership of the company in early 2016.

The blog posts were a great asset to the Imago Dei website and it will take us some time to migrate those pages back in working order. This change will give us the opportunity to make sure the links and content of our blog will be relevant for our readers moving into the future.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to a great 2018 working with you to create a beautiful Houston.

– Renee