Imago Dei, Jamie Wells commissioned painting.

Imago Dei, Jamie Wells commissioned painting.


Fine art is one of the few things in life that speaks to your heart in ways that only you can understand. To be an art patron is more than just an expression of your appreciation for art’s beauty, It is also a way to surround yourself with the works that move you. Commissioning an artwork from Imago Dei allows you to express yourself through the hands of our classically trained artists.

To eliminate the mystery of the creative process, we include our clients in every step along the way. When you visit our show room for your initial design meeting, we also invite you to tour our studio, see works in progress, and personally meet with our talented artists. In order to thoroughly understand your vision, our designers and artists will collaborate with you, discussing every detail and aspect of you project. During this creative brainstorming, you will be included as a player on our artistic team, able to contribute your thoughts and concerns.You are invited to come back and check out the progress while the artists are at work. With each studio visit, you will be able to enjoy watching your vision come to life.

Art is more than pure aestheticism. It offers a catharsis and refuge from the stress of daily life. The process of creating an artwork employes diverse cognitive skills that help us unravel intricate problems. It pushes the brain beyond logical, linear and sequential reasoning into the mode of intuitive and creative thinking -providing a new capacity to approach problems in new ways, daring to try new and different solutions.

✽ “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”  ~Twyla Tharp
✽ The earliest recorded commissioned art occurs in the Bible during the construction of the Temple.

• Clients are included in the creative process
• Customized for Your Space
• Any Size
• Work Directly with an Artist
• Original Fine Art for sale as well as commissions available

Imago Dei, Jamie Wells, Portrait painting.


Our portrait artists can work in either acrylic or oil on canvas or wood. Portraits are intended to display the likeness, personality, and mood of a person. Our highly talented and classically trained artists are capable of creating portraits with rich realism and unprecedented attention to detail.

Turn your most precious day into a stunning painting. Weddings are memories that should never be forgotten. Portraits can be terrific gifts for an anniversary or wedding. These heirloom works become part of your family and every time you look at it you will smile as you remember that very special moment in time. Think of the joy your loved one will experience as you celebrate your next anniversary with a painted portrait. If you wish for it to be a surprise we can work from photographs within an incredibly fast turnaround time.

Nothing is as precious or as important as family and some family memories are meant to be something more than simply photographs stuffed in a box. Turn your favorite photos into stunning works of art. Capture your most special moments by turning them into incredible hand painted masterpieces. From the sweetness of a newborn baby to the that picture perfect family portrait, our artists can work with you to ensure that those paintings are captured in the most memorable medium possible.

Do you have memorable photograph of a pet? Why not turn that photo into a hand painted pet portrait? To many people, pets can be just as near and dear as biological family members are. Our incredibly talented artists can work with any type of animal.

Commissioning a Portrait typically involves working with your portrait artist to finding the perfect photograph to paint from. If you do not already have a favorite suitable photograph, then Imago Dei can schedule a photo session with you and allow you to choose from a few different photos.

Have a photo that you think would make a great portrait? Feel free to send it to us and allow us to give you a quote.

Portrait painting is unfortunately a lost art of sorts in today’s times. With photography taking its place over the last century the uniqueness of a painted portrait is more unique and special now more than ever. If you are considering a way to capture a person or group in a timeless way – consider having a portrait commissioned by one of our portrait painters.

✽ Some of the earliest portraits of people who were not kings or emperors, are the funeral portraits that survived in the dry climate of Egypt’s Fayum district. These are the only paintings of the Roman period that have survived, aside from frescoes.
✽ Portrait Subject Ideas: Family, Children, Pets, Bridal,  Military, Executive.

• Realistic Faux Marble
• UV-ray Resistant
• Natural Climate Control
• Durable

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Commissioning a Portrait typically involves working with your portrait artist and finding the perfect photograph that the artist can use to paint from. If you and the artist cannot find a suitable photograph then we will schedule a photo session for you and allow you to choose from a few different photos.Have a photo that you think would make a great portrait? Feel free to send it to us and allow us to give you a quote. Here are a few tips to consider:
❶ Look for photos where the subject is not smiling or showing teeth. It sounds strange but its true! “Teethy” photos make great photos but typically do not make great paintings. A serious look translates into a timeless archival portrait painting much more than a smiling headshot or snapshot.
❷ Find a photo with excellent lighting. This may or may not mean that a professional photographer shot the photo. Well-lit photos are one of the keys in finding a suitable photo for a portrait painting. Things to look for in a good photo: even lighting, gradual transitions into shadows, no lighting “hot-spots”, no oily skin reflections or unflattering shadows under the eyes, and no mark of an on-camera flash.
❸ Minimal “Photoshoping” required. Many times you may have a photo of the subject that you like but (and this can be a big “but”) you’re not crazy about the background, color, composition and the person your subject is standing next to – and you were thinking we could take the head from another photo and paste it onto this one…. this sort of “frankenstein-ing” can be done although it is usually not recommended. It is always best to reshoot the photo if at all possible. We understand however that there are many circumstances where this is not possible, for instance when dealing with children, pets or memorial pieces. If it is not possible we would be happy to let our Photoshop wizards work their magic at our standard hourly design rate.



Using the latest generation of giclée fine art printers, Imago Dei is capable of producing the highest quality and longest lasting fine art prints. Our printers capture the most accurate color, sharpest detail, and clearest visual texture. Now museum quality artworks and murals are accessible and affordable -available in any size for your home or office.The color and definition of an Imago Dei giclée print will last generations. Imago Dei uses special inks that are scratch resistant and tested to be archival for over 200 years. In addition to rendering our prints with these vivid, archival quality inks, we also takes care to apply several coats of UV protective varnish.

Derived from French, “giclée” means “sprayed.” Giclée is an advanced digital printmaking technology involving finely jet streamed ink onto various papers and canvass. Printing directly onto canvas material achieves results that make a print very difficult to distinguish from an original painting

Giclée prints can be found in museums, galleries and auction houses throughout the world, including New York’s Metropolitan Museum. A proven investment, individual Giclée prints have fetched many thousands of dollars at auction.

✽ Capable of producing pieces up to 64” wide by 40-feet long, some of our available materials include but are not limited to: various photography papers, watercolor papers, and fine art canvases.
✽ Custom sizes are available to ensure your print is the perfect fit. Prints on paper arrive flat or matted, canvas prints may be ordered un-stretched or stretched, ready for you to place in your own frame.

• Streamlined Process
• Available in Extra Large Sizes
• Archival Quality
• Canvas and Papers Available