Imago Dei, "Light & Life". Commercial Art Project.


At Imago Dei, we are acutely aware of the challenges that arise during the production of commercial projects. Our team is committed to completing your job within your predetermined timeline and budget. We collaborate with owners, architects, designers, and construction managers on a daily basis—working often with committees and blended teams to ensure the success of your project.

Because of the diverse background of our staff, and the facilities at our disposal, we are able to complete almost all aspects of the design/build process in-house—from systematic design and 3D rendering, to fabrication and installation. We will be able to realize your project from the visioning stage all the way through to completion.

In order to accommodate the efficiency and pleasantness of your client’s existing construction working environments, we have developed a proficient and streamlined process. Our team is able to complete the majority of production off-site, scheduling installation around your most convenient hours—creating minimal disruption to your client’s business, staff, and customers.

Imago Dei has construction staff that will oversee the installation and implementation of even the most complex art installations. Tiered of dealing with multiple contractors? Don’t worry, we sub any and all needed support and indemnify your community with our comprehensive insurance policies.

✽ Emotions really control our life experiences—and places have an emotional influence. Places do  not control emotions, but they do influence them (Russel and Snodgrass 1987)
✽  Scientific research shows that colors that are brighter and more saturated are more pleasurable; as brightness and saturation increase, so does pleasure.


  • Turnkey
  • In-House Design, Production & Fabrication Teams
  • Holistic Design Approach
  • Site Specific Solutions
  • Always On time, Always Under Budget

Imago Dei, Commercial Interior Finishes, American Clay.


At Imago Dei, we use only the most dignified materials; of the highest quality possible according to the budget and needs of the client, and the nature of each project. We take pride in using and promoting products that can improve your client’s overall health, optimize personnel performance, and last the life of the building. Many of our finishes are zero-VOC, recyclable, non-toxic, and anti-microbal. 

Deciding on the appropriate treatment for your interior commercial environment is often a tricky endeavor. At it’s core, the appropriate finish should complement existing design elements, create visual interest, and be appropriate for it’s environment—doing it all with quality and sustainability in mind. Our Creative Consultants always take into account an environment’s projected use and traffic flow when determining the amount of durability a finish requires, as well as giving special attention to it’s intended purpose and user demographic when selecting appropriate colors.

✽  The physical space we’re in influences the mental state we’re in. Different mental states are more appropriate for different kinds of activities. Our physical environments also affect the amount of mental energy that’s at our disposal.
✽  Variations in form, like variations in color, need to be used with care, with a moderate number or forms in a space being optimal – a moderate number means that a space is neither boring nor exhausting.


  • Create Visual Interest
  • Outlast the Building
  • Sustainable
  • Promotes Better Health

Imago Dei, Leaf Sculpture, Aluminum Leaf.


At Imago Dei, our multi-disciplined sculptors are unlimited in their capabilities. Where some of our artists have a concentration in the abstract and conceptual, others are highly trained and refined in realism and figurative works. Our team has a proficiency in mold making, and is capable of rendering in most any material from metals such as bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and iron, to clay, plaster, fiberglass, plastic, and rubber. Whether you are looking for a conceptual media installation, or grand scale courtyard sculpture, Imago Dei’s expert team can create it for you.

Imago Dei, Lighting Scultpure. Glass, Acrlic, & Metal.


Imago Dei is capable of any project, no matter how large or small. Whether you are simply lighting an art work and need an artist’s eye to get it “just right”, or looking for a spectacular custom light sculpture, you needn’t look any further. Our multi-disciplined and talented artists are experienced in all media.

Sculptural lighting elements are a creative way to add form to function and liven up an interior space. Light is among the most versatile mediums and it is possible to make lighting elements out of literally anything you can imagine. From plastics, metals, glass, and found objects, Imago Dei’s material experts can create an interesting and professional custom piece.

Sometimes the best lighting technicians for an art work, are the artists themselves. In order to compliment an artwork in its full splendor, it is often necessary to provide specific lighting angles and brightnesses. To alleviate the hassle of coordinating specifications with other contractors, Imago Dei is able to provide this service alongside the creation of your artwork.

✽ Indirect lighting makes a space seem larger. Direct light increases our energy level. When more of the lighting in a room is indirect than direct, brightly lit rooms seem more cheerful.
✽ Under cool white light we do not recall novel material that we have stored in our long-term memory as well as under warmer light. Under cool white light we experience more stress than when we are in full-spectrum artificial light, and are more likely to get into a better mood.


  • Site-Specific
  • Custom Color
  • Created by Artists
  • Truly Unique