Imago Dei, Glass Bead Stencil Finish.

Our newest treatment available, glass beads create a beautiful shimmering texture, that reflects light in myriad directions. Since these dazzling transparent beads allow the colors and patterns of underlying layers to shine through, there is an infinite array of possibilities. The glass bead treatments can be stenciled, brushed or troweled onto just about any surface -including curved and angular surfaces. The final product looks spectacular in all settings and is extremely durable.


This unique clear coating delivers not only texture but sparkle and shimmer with its thousands of tiny glass beads. As a new unique alternative to tile, glass bead finishes are washable, waterproof, and flexible -making them a practical yet glamorous choice for use in commercial spaces, kitchens and bathrooms.Whether coated over a solid field of color, metallic paint, or stenciled pattern, this element of jewel-like reflected light works well with both modern and traditional styles.

✽ Glass is a natural product, eco-friendly and virtually indestructible. These micro size, clear, spherical glass beads are suspended in a transparent acrylic polymer, which is also non-toxic.
✽ The average powder room finished with the glass bead treatment has approximately 38,880,000 beads of glass on the walls!

• Water Proof
• Washable
• Reflective Shimmer
• Versatile

Imago Dei, Stencil Finish.

Stencils are design tools that allow artisans to decorate surfaces with pattern, color, and texture systematically and efficiently. Our collection of elegantly designed stencil finishes presents a wide range of styles and themes. We offer something for every decorating style: allover stencils, border stencils, motif stencils, and much more.


Imago Dei, Stencil Finish.Paint Stenciling

Paint Stenciling is a time efficient technique used to create a clean detailed look. For all styles ranging from traditional to modern, stenciled paint finishes add sophisticated detail to any interior and exterior designs.

Imago Dei, Stencil Finish.Embossed Stenciling

An elegant embellishment that can range from extravagant to delicate, texture stenciling adds a unique flair to any surface. Weather you go with a subtle tone on tone effect or choose to add even more definition to a bold contrasting design this luxurious embossed detail adds a custom touch that can only be achieved by the hands of skilled artisans.

✽ Because Imago Dei designs and cuts all of our stencils in-house, the possibilities are endless. We can adapt and customize any pattern from our extensive design library.
✽ Some of the first recorded uses of stenciling can be found in the Cosquer Cave, off the coast of Marseilles, France. Roughly 10,000 to 30,000 years ago Ancient Peoples traced the silhouette of their hands by blowing pigments through a reed.


  • Cost Effective
  • Available in Custom or Stock
  • Systematic and Efficient
  • Sophisticated Embellishment for Any Surface
Imago Dei, Gilding Gold Leaf Finish.

While metallic paint finishes are alluring with their elegant shine, they simply cannot compete with the genuine radiant luster of a gilded finish. The breathtaking depth and texture of metallic leaf creates a rich, luxurious surface that will add drama to any small or large space. Metallic leaf may be added to just about any relatively smooth surface, from furniture to vaulted ceilings.


Throughout history, precious materials such as gold and silver have been used to embellish a variety of surfaces in grand interiors. Until the discovery of platinum in the 18th century, gold was the most precious and valuable of metals. The art of gilding developed as an ingenious method of spreading a very thin layer of gold, either in leaf gilding or powder form, over a less costly surface such as plaster or wood. The effects achieved by these professional gilders were amazing.

Our skilled artisans can handle anything from a small niche to an exterior capital dome. Metal leaf treatments can be applied to have a smooth polished or can be distressed and aged for an old-world appearance. Gilding is actually very versatile as our silver leaf is one of our most popular modern finishes and distressed composition gold leaf is a favorite in the antiqued collection – both worlds apart and yet one in the same treatment wise.

Gilding is a very tedious and delicate process, one where the slightest movement of air can tear your material. Gold leaf is very thin – approximately 10,000 leafs of gold will fit into the thickness of 1 American dime! One ounce of gold can be pounded out to cover approximately 300 square feet. Each leaf is so thin that it literally melts between your fingers if held in a bare hand. Once mistaken belief is that gilding is applied in large sections or somehow brushed on. The process actually involves hand-applying each leaf which range from 3″ x 3″ to 5″ x 5″.

Imago Dei works with many metal leafs including:23 karat Gold Leaf, 18 karat Gold Leaf, Pale Gold Leaf, White Gold Leaf (12 & 14 karat), Composition Gold Leaf (most commonly used – 90% Copper 10% Zinc), Copper Leaf, Composition Silver Leaf (Aluminum Leaf), Silver Leaf, Palladium Leaf & Variegated Leaf.

✽The leafing process involves the application of a thin layer of (usually) gold or silver sheets, called “leaf.” Before the leaf is applied, the surface is painted and covered with an adhesive sizing. The small sheets are then carefully applied to the surface and sealed to prevent discoloration.
✽ Often cracks and spaces between the sheets of leafing are left exposed. These spaces, known as “holidays,” reveal the paint underneath the leaf and help to give the leaf a worn or aged appearance.

• Adds Drama
• Modern or Classical
• Interior & Exterior
• Ultimate in Luxurious Treatments