Imago Dei, Canvas Murals.

One of the many benefits of having your next mural painted on canvas is the work remains archival and will last for generations to come. Unlike a traditionally painted mural painted directly on a wall, our murals can be removed and reapplied should you move to another residence or office. Our murals are adhered with a non-toxic, clay-based adhesive medium which will not corrode or deteriorate your canvas over time.


Time Saver: Canvas Murals are a convenient option for both residential and commercial locations. Canvas murals require less scheduling because they are completed in the studio, which means the only on-site work is a quick installation.

Studio Visits: Visiting your mural in our studio is a process of discovery and excitement as each visit further exhibits your completed work of art. Our team of artists welcomes you into the creative process, informing you on the steps taken and materials used since your previous visit.

Versatility: Canvas Murals are appropriate for a variety of architectural spaces: dining rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, domes, niches, foyers and ceilings.

✽ Mural painting on canvas originated during 16th-century Europe.
✽ Many of the murals in our portfolio are also available as giclée murals. Providing a cost effective solution for your interior needs.

• Minimal Disruption to Homes and Offices
• Can be Shipped Globally
• Affixes to Almost any Surface
• Archival & Mobile

Imago Dei, Tromple l' eoil Murals.

Trompe l’oeil painting has been around since early Roman times and became very popular during the Baroque period (when it acquired its name). Today it remains a, intriguing and unique way to add visual interest to a space.


Trompe L’oeil painting provides a charming and entertaining element that captivates all viewers. It is a playful yet elegant feature that will add enchantment to any space.With illusion of life-like objects, realistic figures, and convincing architectural elements, Trompe l’oeil tricks the eye into believing an imaginary realm of painting. This style is a highly skilled artistic endeavor which oftentimes requires artists to utilize mathematical equations to calculate the correct proportions and perspective needed to create the complex illusions.

A fanciful form of architectural Trompe L’oeil is known as quodlibet which features realistically rendered paintings of such items as paper-knives, playing-cards, ribbons and scissors, apparently accidentally left lying around, painted on walls.

✽ George Washington was once fooled by a trompe-l’œil painting when he visited the studio of Charles Willson Peale. Upon entering a room containing on its far wall such a painting of someone descending a stair (apparently into the room), he is said to have bowed to the figure before he realized it was a painting.
✽ Trompe L’oeil: (pronounced “trump loy”) is a french phrase that translates to mean “trick the eye”.

• Entertaining
• Elegant
• Ancient Art Form
• Affordable Alternative

Imago Dei, Backsplash Tile Murals.

In the award-winning work seen above, Imago Dei was asked to create a very special piece for a Houston family’s home. We worked with the clients to set the scene and allowed them to specify the flowers, wines, fruits and cheeses used to compose the piece. We photographed several scenes and asked them to choose one. The work was then painted and installed as the backsplash to this ASID Kitchen of the Year.


Custom tile murals for bathrooms, kitchens, fountains & backslashes are a wonderful way to add a splash of art to unique areas. Whether you are looking to simply embellish a tile surface, or add a new work to your art collection consider having a work of art painted on a tile or stone surface.

Imago Dei has painted murals on tile, stone, concrete and solid-surfaces for outdoor and indoor locations. For exterior art we make sure to use lightfast colors that will not fade over time or with sun exposure. All works are properly primed and prepared to receive the highest quality acrylic paints. Once the piece is finished is it sealed with three to four coats of non-toxic, low VOC varnish to protect the work from the elements and to ensure its washability.

✽ Beautiful tiled surfaces have been found in the oldest pyramids, the ruins of babylon, and ancient ruins of greek cities.
✽ Decorative tile work was invented in the near east, where it has enjoyed a longer popularity and assumed a greater variety of design than anywhere in the world.

• Archival Quality
• Durable
• Washable
• Interior or Exterior

Imago Dei, Digital Murals.

Imago Dei digital murals were recently used in an award winning private school. The choice to go digital was due to the durability, very fast turnaround time and overall energetic design that the space required. This solution is perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, hospitals, sacred spaces as well as children’s rooms.


Using the latest technology, we can create digital murals that are site specific and installation-ready.  Many digital murals you might see in coffee shops, restaurants, and public spaces are created digitally, printed, and installed.

Digital Murals are cost effective alternatives to hand-painted murals. Commercial clients often use our digital murals as a design solution for affordability, durability, and aesthetic. Digital murals can also be printed on transparent material and applied over glass to allow a semi-private screen or to mimic a stained glass appearance.

✽ Woodcut, a type of relief print, is the earliest printmaking technique, and the only one traditionally used in the Far East. It was probably first developed as a means of printing patterns on cloth, and by the 5th century was used in China for printing text and images on paper.
✽ The first two exhibitions of computer art were held in 1965 at the Computer-Generated Pictures Show in New York. See an example by Desmond Paul Henry here.

• Cost-Effective
• UV-ray Resistant
• Certain Techniques only Possible with Computers
• Fast Turnaround