Imago Dei, Sacred Art.


Translated from Latin, Imago Dei means “created in the image of God”. Our name sets a high precedent for our artists: that they will measure up to the greatest painters in classical art history. Pouring evocative images out into rooms and enlivening them with spirit, Our talented artists share a passion for bringing blank spaces to life. 

To define spaces. To energize environments. To speak in the language of the soul.

Sacred spaces are deserving of respect in terms of proper design and special ornamentation. Traditionally, sacred art is intended to uplift our hearts and minds to the spiritual. It is meant to awaken faith by making the unseen seen. Throughout the process of designing and creating sacred art, our talented, professional team of artists is dedicated to preserving this tradition of inspiring quality. A beautiful mural reflecting the spirit of the faith community invites worshipers into the sanctuary to open their minds and hearts to God.

An authentic and creative use of traditional styles is always assured. Classical, Gothic, Baroque, and 20th century styles are all employed in ways that accord with the true principles of sacred art.

Imago Dei takes great pride in the ability of our artwork to create a sense of permanence, knowing that one day it will become your legacy.

The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul. -Wassily Kandinsy “We might even, the early theologians suggested, come better to understand God through beauty, for it was He who had created every beautiful thing in the world: the early eastern sky at dawn, the forests, the animals, and even more domestic items like a graceful armchair, a bowl of lemons and a ray of afternoon sun shining through a cotton window blind onto the kitchen table. In contact with attractive buildings, we could intimate some of the refinement, intelligence, kindness and harmony of their ultimate maker.” ~ Alain de Botton The Architecture of Happiness

Imago Dei, Sacred Murals, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.


At Imago Dei, we understand the diplomacy and discretion involved in selecting the appropriate artworks for a liturgical space. We enjoy the opportunity to present to your committee or board, welcoming any feedback throughout the design and presentation phase of your project. 

Our design department has the necessary knowledge and experience for collaborating and communicating with architects and contractors to advise on lighting and other practical matters. In addition, we are able to provide spec materials to illustrate and explain the project to prospective donors and worshippers.

The voice of the congregation helps to shape our work. Our objective is to uphold appropriate tradition along with principles of dignity, religiosity, and symbolism while acknowledging and embracing the unique personality of each parish family. We feel that sacred art should come from the community. Our expertise is in understanding and translating the community’s beliefs into a comprehensive design.

With Imago Dei you have a truly turn-key service provider. From Concept to Completion. Defying the predictable with absolute predictability. Every project is seen through to completion. Our construction staff will oversee the installation and implementation of each project -no matter how great or small. Tiered of dealing with multiple contractors? Don’t worry, we sub any and all needed support and indemnify your community with our comprehensive insurance policies.

✽ Only dignified materials are used, of the highest quality possible in accordance to the nature of each project and keeping within the parameters of the client’s budget.
✽ 3-D renderings, drawings, and samples are included in every design phase upon request.


  • Though and Prayer Provoking
  • Experience Facilitating
  • Encourages Discussion and Deeper Understanding
  • Deepens Contemplative Experience
  • Heightened Spiritual Awareness
  • Expression of Reverence
  • Masters of Many Styles
  • Genuinely Authentic Artwork